Product Care and Information

Information about the Globes

Please choose carefully as we do not refund for incorrect choices.

Some things that may go wrong, quite often it is due to the batteries. Even though you may have purchased new batteries, not all brands of batteries are equal.  We suggest using good quality, brand-new batteries for optimal results. If your item has a USB cord, please plug this in to check if it is working. If the item is working on the USB, it is your batteries. Make sure you turn the item on at the on/off switch. It will not work if it is not turned on.

Please ensure you are using good quality, new batteries

  1. My lights are not working - This usually happens when the batteries do not have enough power. Solution: Change the batteries
  2. I have lights but no music - This usually happens when the batteries do not have enough power to run the product. Solution: Change the batteries.
  3. My product is leaking. Very rarely this can happen upon purchase. We encourage all our staff to make sure the product is in good working order, and marked to indicate this, to avoid disappointment of the product not working when you get home. If it is leaking at the time of purchase it will be rectified with a different one immediately. If I get it home and drop it, shake it or use it as a toy and it leaks, through no fault of the manufacturer, it is not covered under warranty.
  4. The glitter is not spinning. Each item will be checked and indicated on the packaging that it is in good working order, to avoid disappointment when you get the product home. if you get it home and the spinner is not working, gently tap the side of the product to align the spinner with the magnet again. If you drop, shake, or use the product in a manner that is not intended, the spinner is likely to move.
  5. Nothing is working - Make sure the batteries are, in the correct way. Sometimes the battery container is very tight, which can limit connectivity. To ensure a connection move the battery toward the connector. (Slide it toward the flat end to get a connection)
  6. If your product is not working after all troubleshooting methods are tried, please return the product to your place of purchase for it to be checked. Otherwise, email us directly, and we will sort out the replacement for you to pick up from your place of purchase.
  7. PLEASE remove the batteries before packing the item away each season. Your batteries may rust if left intact. Make sure you store your item in a cool spot. This will stop any expansion or contraction of the item which may result in the product leaking or disfiguring. These issues are not covered under warranty.

Every effort will be taken to ensure that each product is checked for quality control before it leaves our premises and marked to indicate that it is in perfect working order. On the occasion, that the item has not been mistreated and the product is still not doing what it is intended to do, please contact us for a replacement.

We will pay for returned postage for any faulty items. However, if the item is sent to us and is not deemed faulty, you will be responsible for return shipping. Usually, an item not working is because of your batteries, the installation of the batteries, not turning the item on at the on-off switch, or mistreatment of the product causing breakages to the switch or battery compartment. (All items are checked before they leave our warehouse). Any leaking product, that has not been mistreated is deemed faulty and we will cover return costs.